summer series!!

We have a lot of freshrad headbands and clips!
All are made specifically with Summer in mind. :)
oh, and you wanna know a little BIG secret?
all are half-price!!
Take a peek at what we have to offer,
then head on over to our page titled "summer series."

fresh four | technicolor clips

These clips are all buy one, get one FREE.
So, if you purchase any of the following four clips, you can have your choice of ANY technicolor clip for FREE.
Take a looksie:

has dollies on her loveseat.

wears the broche her mother gave her.

likes wearing blue eyeshadow.

loves eating leftover pizza for breakfast.

Hello, lovely!

Thanks for checking out Indie Conformity Creations. We are so ecstatic you stopped by to say hello and scroll through our homemade creations. Here are some things you may want to know about us:
  • All of our creations are handmade
  • Shipping is included in the price
  • A percentage of the proceeds are forwarded to Speed the Light
  • Prices:
shipped | $10
hand-delivered | $8

shipped | $5
hand-delivered | $4

  • We will ship items anywhere in the US
We hope you find a creation you love and enjoy!

Becca & Koree,
Indie Conformity Creations